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Happy New Year! 2016/12/30

Looking back on the past of Wooscreen:


Sticking to our dream, we set sail smoothly.
The brand of Wooscreen was officially registered.


Aiming for the “global first”, we kept bursting out innovative power.
LED lighting glass was officially opened to the public.


With continuous R&D, we kept perfecting transparent smart glass.
Mono dynamic series was widely used.


Enlightened by spark of innovation, we realized another breakthrough.

The popularity of color dynamic series soared.


With swift speed of development, we kept enlarging our scales.
The factory covered around 15,000 square meters, and the staff reached to the number of 200.  


With strategic cooperation, we took prompt action to take up the market.

Cooperating with noted distributors, we are dedicated to producing win-win situation. 


Looking forward to 2017:


“God is in the detail.” Wooscreen members are crystal clear that the attitude of professionalism should be injected into every detail of working procedure.

Global Strategy

Breaking through the limitation of domestic needs, Wooscreen foresees the tremendous potential of overseas market and takes confidence in expanding our marketing territory globally.


The fountainhead in high-end domain is innovation. With the objective of grabbing more market share, Wooscreen will keep blazing new trails and accelerating the pace of innovation.


We hold on to the belief that only by attaching importance to practical experience can the brand awareness be long-lasting. Thus, we regard empiricism as our unshakable cornerstone.

Transpositional Consideration 

Wooscreen members adhere to customer-oriented tenet, which is the crucial reason for us to pour our efforts into after-sales services. We are dedicated to simplifying the operating systems and perfecting the user experience.

Looking forward to 2017, infinite possibilities are waiting for us!