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the Era of Landmark Media 2016/12/29

Iconic Landmark---Name Card of a City

For city people, landmark is the interpretation of belongingness; while for others visiting the city, landmark is the reflection of cityscape. 

Landmark and LED Display---Clear-cut Roles

Social informationalization acts as the most practical catalyst to make outdoor LED displays bloom where there are scores of office buildings or skyscrapers. From New York Times Square to the Bund of Shanghai, large-scale LED displays have annotated metropolises in a novel style. 


LED Display---Implicit Rule of “Bigness” 

Large area of outdoor advertising crucially helps to orchestrate electrifying performance, which wins greater odds of even grasping those smart phone addicts’ eye sights. As a result, with continuous exploration of media professionals’ imagination, the sizes of LED displays have been refreshed again and again. 

In 2003, 3600 square meters of Aurora Display in Shanghai squeezed into Guinness World record holder labeled with the “biggest LED display”. Two years later, this record was refreshed by Citibank Display with the size of 6000 square meters. 


Unique Theme---the Highlight of Landmark

Just like storytellers need a platform to touch audience, landmarks also need a unique theme to impress passers-by.

Promoted to the brand new landmark in Guangzhou, Canton Tower is basking in the spotlight of the public. The distinct image displayed on the tower becomes entrepreneurs’ right-hand man in the facet of brand promotion, which helps to catalyze the coming era of “landmark media”.

canton tower2.jpg

Landmark Media---Landmark Coupled with Media

Impressing a host of people with trendsetting and authentic images, LED displays ideally blend into landmark architectures, which plays the role as powerful driving force to call on the coming era of “landmark media.”