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Merry Christmas! 2016/12/22


“Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way…”When the most familiar song pervades streets and alleyways, people all bask in the joy of Christmas! 

Representing jubilation in people’s melting heart, exquisite decorations flood into people’s residences. Variegated lights and colors together weave fairy tale lives. 


In this Christmas fairy tale, Santa Claus is shined with red light clothes and accompanied by elfish reindeers. Gracious Santa Claus creeps in children’s houses while they are asleep, putting dreamy presents by their bedside. Snowman dresses in pure white to play the role as the tenderest messenger and softly reminds us that numerous snow imps are going to greet people in a naughty but loving way. What’s more, scores of house elves spontaneously cast aside their plain look in ordinary life and wear colorful make-ups with their beaming smiles. 


Acting like the most elegant ballerina, Christmas is coming to us with her most graceful dancing postures. Brimming with euphoria, Wooscreen expresses this kind of bliss with gorgeous lights and colors. Wooscreen sincerely sends warm-hearted messages with shining letters. Warm words and jumping LED beads symbolize Wooscreen’s best wishes!