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What is cross-border cooperation? 2016/12/16

The concept that one domain harmoniously blends into the other to form a win-win situation nowadays tends to be a brand new mode of cooperation. Neoteric cross-border cooperation owns qualified potential to sweep across the market in unimaginable speed. 

Media Architecture: the Dual Role of Architecture and Media  

 “Media architecture” excels in the harmonious fusion of construction and digital media comparing with traditional building materials. The dazzling visual effect plays an irreplaceable role of media broadcasting in the public. To some extent, “media architecture” possesses the aestheticism of art design as well as the innovation of technological facilities. If we dig deeper into the concept of media architecture, it bridges the gaps among a host of facets. For instance, it covers architecture, visual communication, advertising planning, cinematic art, media animation, digital intelligence, etc.

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the Unstoppable Trend

Media architecture has developed for almost a decade, the unstoppable emphasis on visualization of architecture has formed influential trend to transform city landscaping. Its tremendous potential is even able to change scores of people’s perceptions of construction, landscaping and the contemporary world we live in, which unknowingly improves city people’s lifestyle step by step.

Media architecture dexterously combines city planning, construction of landscape and visual arts with innovative technology, which is adequately qualified to be a trendsetting role in the field of brand promotion.

Cross-border Brand: Wooscreen 

Wooscreen transparent LED display is widely labeled “innovative building material” with tremendous potential in vast areas. Transcending the conventional function of building façade, wooscreen smart glass performs at the high-class level in displaying gorgeous colors and authentic videos, which help entrepreneurs efficaciously gain leverage for brand promotion. Wooscreen is capable of activating the fixed architecture by displaying dreamlike images, which maximizes the interaction with a myriad of crowds. 


Our Formula of Corporate Culture

Innovative and Environmental-friendly Building Material


 Dreamlike Displaying Function


the Tremendous Commercial Value that Wooscreen Creates for You 


Product Features 

Without destroying architectural structure, wooscreen smart glass is precisely in accord with the structure of the building façade, which not only broadens the application field but also brings revolutionary tide to the everlasting theme of innovation. 

Wooscreen transparent LED display is dedicated to being a pioneer even in the aspect of installation. Harmonious with the exterior of city construction, wooscreen internalizes businessmen’s practical needs and brings technical revolution by realizing superb transparency of the glass background. The bold but successful crossover between architecture and media refreshes modern people’s visual experience with novel and varied displaying effect. 

Succeeding in architectural and media integration, Wooscreen never ceases to chase after a systematic solution of “smart, professional and customized” for scores of people. We hold on to the belief that the elements of intelligence and innovation are doomed to permeate people’s lifestyle. 

Wooscreen is here, prepared to be a trendsetter by leading a wave of transformative innovation!