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Victoria's Secret 2016/11/30


The show of Victoria’s secret amazes a host of people with sexy models in their resplendent underwear. Eye-catching angels brighten audience’s eyes with their most insane bodies and intoxicating smiles. If you have never been personally on the scene, Wooscreen smart glass will remedy your regret with marvelously vivid displaying performance. 



Installed on the building façade of the most flourishing shopping paradise in Xiamen city, Wooscreen transparent LED display swiftly grasps passers-by’s eye sights with the live show of Victoria’s secret. The three-dimensional effect is almost comparable with the present scene, which will even hover around crowds of people’s minds for days. Wooscreen members seek for perfection with detail-oriented working style. Wooscreen color dynamic D series subtly seizes every detail of the live show, aiming to present a lifelike video playing to people.

Based on the basic function of the traditional LED display, Wooscreen color dynamic D series owns extra uniqueness of superb transparency. The optimal pixel pitch of D series is 16mm, and the luminance can reach to 6000cd/. During the day, the distinct images can still be displayed adequately by our D series. We are dedicated in showcasing a fabulous visual feast with fresh and varied displaying effect, as well as maintaining the architectural integrity with our lightweight and transparent background.