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Burning Fire 2016/10/08

With the rapid change of technology, a myriad of innovative elements flood in our regular life. Nowadays the power of “omnipotence” has already jumped out of movies and collided with our real life. Filled with “omnipotence”, smart screen digs deeper into the idea of “value your business space” and aims to be an intimate partner of entrepreneurs.

Smart screen transcends beyond traditional LED display in terms of innovation. Here burning flame doesn’t signify danger anymore. S series of “color dynamic smart screen” are able to draw up lifelike flames right in front of you. Flaring flame represents the enthusiasm and positivity of wooscreen family members. 


 “Color dynamic smart screen” is composed of RGB color pattern. We also add high-tech glass to ensure high light transmittance of the series. With continuous progress of our techniques, we keep going after the fluency and authenticity of video play. 

The electric conduction of S series is through hidden circuit. At the moment, the minimum pixel pitch of S series is P30. We primarily launch P58 products to flexibly satisfy clients’ various needs.

S series are mainly applied to shopping malls, airports, hotels etc. We hold on to the belief that S series will be a mainstream of outdoor advertising in the future.

Most of the kids nowadays are obsessed with the super power of Spiderman or Batman, so why not put the scenario of movies into our tangible life? The special effect of burning flame is not limited in the films anymore, we smart screen members are also able to create an authentic flaring flame just in front of your tangible distance.

If you keep an eye on wooscreen, we will assemble all of our prehistorical power to present a magical journey through smart screen. Burning flame is the formal signal of starting innovation.